Vol. 6.2
(Sep. 2014)


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Welcome to Aqua-LAC

Throughout the years, a goal certainly achieved by the International Hydrological Programme for Latin America and the Caribbean (IHP-LAC) has been the publication of a scientific magazine focused on water resources.

Finally, in March 2009 AQUA-LAC became reality raising also great expectations. Its goal consist in presenting the scientific aspects directly related to water, through a holistic approach. The magazine, within this initiative, attempts to cover a niche that integrates, in a multi-disciplinary form, the results obtained from scientific and socio-economic researches, legal aspects and the use of innovative technologies connected with integrated and suitable management of the available resources. Clearly, all without disregarding the correct devolution of the scientific aspects to the society, administrators, managers and planners.

Nevertheless, the main ambition is that AQUA-LAC establishes an international framework within its field, through its unquestionable scientific quality and relevance, which is also not only limited to scientists and professionals of the Latin America and the Caribbean's waters. Certainly, such recognition will only be possible through gathering the contributions and cooperations in particular from the technicians and researchers of the region and moreover, from those relevant contributions of other influence areas.